Tomorrow’s Earth Day, and there are plenty of ways – and places – to celebrate. In the U.S., we’re fortunate to have some incredible national treasures, our national parks. Coincidentally – maybe not? – this is National Park Week. Well, now through April 27, so it’s a bit longer than a week. Plenty of reason to celebrate! National Park Week is a presidentially-proclaimed celebration of our national heritage.

If you want to help with a project at a national park for Earth Day, there are plenty to choose from; just click here to see what’s happening near you. Or, simply take some time to go out for a walk and enjoy Mother Nature.

The National Park Service also wants you to know that 268 of our 401 national parks never charge an entrance fee. Amazing! For those that do, a true bargain is the $80 annual pass that gets you in to all national parks, national wildlife refuges, national forests and much more – more than 2,000 sites in all.

If you do get out to the National Parks, either tomorrow or anytime during National Park Week, be sure to share you photos, videos and tips so others can learn from your experiences.

Over the past few years, my friends and I have gone hiking in some of the most breathtaking parks. Here are some of my favorite photos (that I could quickly grab!):

How and where are you celebrating Earth Day?