scenery - canal (Mom)My Mom

It may sound corny, but my number one reason to sail with Scenic Cruises is my mom. While traveling over the past several years, she keeps returning to her desire to slow down, enjoy the scenery and have the experiences that can only be found on a river cruise. With a “big” birthday next year, she’d certainly be my guest if I’m selected to set sail and write about our trip!

bedroomEffortless Elegance

From the spacious staterooms to our own private butler service to the ship’s décor and every detail in between, I doubt that we’ve ever traveled in such effortless elegance as on a Scenic ‘Space-Ship.’  What’s more, Scenic Cruises encourages its guests to feel right at home – nothing seems to be stuffy or overdone. Rather, guests are relaxed and simply enjoying being where they are.  The experiences are real, and so are the people.

chefAn Epicurean Experience

To really get a feel for a destination, dining on the local cuisine is key. Food is a main component of traveling, and Scenic Cruises embraces those experiences. I know my mom will delight in high tea served on the Sun Deck, and we’ll both love diving into specialties of the regions we’re visiting. Another highlight of dining aboard Scenic Cruises is the views from the Crystal Dining Room – let’s just say the scenery gliding by must provide unparalleled landscapes and ever-changing artwork on the canvases that are its floor-to-ceiling windows.

bikingEurope, My Way

In port, the first thing we’ll do in port is grab two of the ship’s complimentary bikes and start exploring streets and alleyways. Or, perhaps we’ll join the chef at an outdoor market as he chooses local produce and delicacies for that night’s dinner. Or, maybe we’ll tour a museum with a personal docent. Or, turn on the complimentary GPS and let technology lead the way. Whichever we choose, it’s up to us – truly a personalized European experience. As the Scenic Enrich (one of the cruise line’s cultural programs) tagline says: live the destination, don’t just travel through it. We plan to.

champagneNo Thinking Required

One of the most notable aspects of a Scenic Cruise is that once the trip is arranged, any thinking essentially goes out the window, which is quite fine by me. No thoughts about tipping (it’s included). No thoughts about sipping a glass of champagne (it’s included). No thoughts about costs of excursions (they’re included). The only things that we’ll need to consider when on board are each day’s activities, what to have for breakfast or order for dinner, and whether it’s a cocktail or wine sort of evening. These are decisions I can easily handle!

Now I’m ready to say ‘bon voyage!’

Many thanks to Scenic Cruises and Johnny Jet for the opportunity to daydream about river cruising!

(All photos courtesy of Scenic Cruises’ website.)