It’s amazing, isn’t it? It seems like Thanksgiving just passed – and indeed it did, one week ago! – and now the holiday season is in full swing. When Thanksgiving falls at the end of November like it did this year, it seems to be an incredibly fast downhill ride into the holidays, and the feeling of being out of control can quickly take hold.

Here are a few ways that I try and take control of the craziness that surrounds the holiday – to take care of myself and those who are around me.

  1. Stay on Schedule When I’m not traveling – which is ALL THE TIME lately, it seems! – it’s hard to keep on a schedule as far as working out. Sure, I pack running clothes and shoes, but honestly, how often do they come out of the suitcase? Not often at all! But when I’m home, I keep a regular schedule and make sure to get my workouts in, especially yoga, which grounds me. Staying on schedule gives me a sense of normality so that I feel I can tackle each day and everything that comes my way. Travaasa’s five stress relieving activities to get you through the holidays include yoga, meditation, hula hooping (fun!), aqua aerobics and a morning walk/job and stretch.
  2. Try and Make Healthy Eating Decisions Of course, with the holidays come incredibly delicious holiday treats, and I’m guilty of contributing to the madness, what with the four types of cookies, two types of fudge and pralines I make for gifts. To try and maintain some sense of control, my husband and I make healthy decisions when it comes to meals. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, we’re good. It’s just those nibbles in between that are so tempting. But if I keep to my workout schedule, a bite here and there won’t hurt, right?!
  3. Making a List and Checking It Twice So that our bank account doesn’t suffer during the holidays, my husband and I make a gift list, and check it twice, in a sense. The first time through, we list out everyone we’re buying gifts for, and the second time through, jot down ideas and what we’ve already found to give. We set a budget for everyone, and stick to it. In the end, we get the fun of giving gifts to loved ones and friends, and our bank account survives any shock by us keeping our gift-giving under control.

These are just a few ways that I keep myself sane through the holidays. The teams at Travaasa, in Austin and Maui, have created solutions to help with all types of holiday problems, #HolidayProblems, from fitness to eating to gift giving to relaxing.

What’s more, they want to take away all holiday stress by giving away a three-night stay to Travaasa Austin, and it’s easy to do. Click here to enter via their Facebook page! As someone who’s been to Travaasa Austin, I have one suggestion – DO IT!

How do you beat your #HolidayProblems?





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