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Ice climbing: For when rocks are too warm

Ice, ice, baby! Ice climbing, that is! Check out my piece on USAToday.com all about ice climbing and where you can give it a go this winter!

Warm up: Beautiful hotel fireplaces around the USA

Baby, it’s cold outside! Check out my piece on USAToday.com all about fireplaces and where you can warm up this winter!

Get On Your Bike and Ride

I always thought touring by bike would be such a fun way to explore a destination. Talk about slow travel… touring by bike really does make you slow down and enjoy the scenery, and all of the experiences along the way.

Go Ahead – Let It Snow!

At this point, how many versions of the Polar Vortex have swept across the U.S. this year? And on top of Snowmageddon? Enough’s enough, right?

The Olympic Spirit Shines in Colorado

The Olympics’ opening ceremony is tonight, and for two or so weeks, the world’s best winter sports athletes will take center stage, landing incredible jumps, breaking speed records and competing on behalf of their countries. I love the Olympics, and fully expect to be swept away in the spirit when I’m in Colorado next week.