Living in Florida certainly has its perks: (for the most part) mild winters; hot, sunny summers; and loads of spots to enjoy it all – beaches, national and state parks, and even our own backyards. Friends and relatives plan visits when temperatures drop wherever they are, and we always open our door to them.

One of the prices we pay to live in Florida, though, is that we nearly always need to be bathing suit ready. Once February or March hits, magazines on the newsstands scream headlines like, “Get Bathing Suit Ready in 30 Days!” No fair! With the warm temperatures we enjoy here in the Sunshine State, it’s always bathing suit season – no hiding under bulky sweaters and overcoats here!

Aside from going to the gym and/or yoga studio five times a week, mixed with running here and there, I found a way to help firm things up in anticipation of donning my bikini in the coming weeks. Oh, it’s been on in the past couple of months, but the height of the season is amongst us and I, too, want to be ready!

Whilst prepping for a trip to Los Cabos, Mexico a few weeks ago – sure to be a bathing suit-heavy trip – I tried out the It Works! Wrap to aid my toning and tightening. I could’ve applied the wrap anywhere – to my arms, thighs, touche – but I opted instead for my stomach. All that ab work just wasn’t cutting it!

 It Works! Wrap packaging

It Works! Wrap packaging

Reading the instructions and more about the It Works! Wrap, I learned that the wrap infuses botanical ingredients such as horse chestnut, green tea, guarana and eucalyptus into the skin to hydrate, while simultaneously minimizing the appearance of cellulite and skin slackening. Since it was my first time using the wrap, a maximum time of 45 minutes was recommended.

Inside panel of  It Works! Wrap packaging

Inside panel of It Works! Wrap packaging

After showering and thoroughly drying off, I snipped open a pack of wraps – they come in two – and started unfolding. They’re huge – much bigger than I anticipated – and a little goopy. It must’ve been the eucalyptus that I smelled, which reminded me a bit of Vicks 44 rub, but I moved forward. Whatever works, right?!

The  It Works! Wrap inside its pouch

The It Works! Wrap inside its pouch

Once applied to either side of my stomach (you didn’t think I’d post a photo of that, did you?!), I felt a bit of tingling as the lotion started to absorb into my skin. It wasn’t painful or uncomfortable at all, but just a slight sensation. To keep the wraps in place, I put on a tight tank top underneath my shirt and went about my day working from home, timing the 45 minutes. When the beeper sounded, I removed the wraps and rubbed in the remaining lotion, per the instructions.

It Works! Wrap ready to unfold and apply

It Works! Wrap ready to unfold and apply

Again, following the instructions, I applied the second set of wraps two days later, and this time went to a meeting whilst the wraps were in place. Though I could smell the lotion, it’s doubtful my colleagues could, as no one gave me side-long or curious glances as to the scent coming from me.

After two applications, I do believe I saw a difference in how taut my stomach appeared. And I went to Cabo with more confidence to be in a bathing suit in front of others than I’d had in quite a while. I’ll definitely try the It Works! Wrap again – a terrific compliment to my workout routine, without the sweat!