And all of a sudden, Thanksgiving is over, Hanukah has some and gone, and Christmas and New Year’s Eve are mere days away. OK, maybe a few weeks – breathe! One thing’s for certain – time is quickly going to fly by and before we know it, it’ll be 2014. Especially for those who plan a week-long trip in the middle of the month (looking in the mirror here)!

Lucy_ChristmasMaking a List. Checking It Twice. And Giving It Another Once Over.

In Curing Holiday Problems, we made a list and checked it twice… it may be a good idea to check it a third time. Just today, when handing gifts off to friends, I realized I’d forgotten to get something for their dogs. Yes, we give pets gifts. Add it to the list! I’m sure there are other holes we’ve missed, and we certainly don’t want to forget anyone, two- or four-legged recipients!

treatsA Sweet Treat

Since embarking on my professional career more years ago than I care to admit, office and neighbor gifts have been homemade baked gifts tied up with a bow. Traditionally, I make three kinds of cookies and two kinds of fudge. In the last few years, I’ve added pralines, which can be a challenge in the oftentimes humid Florida weather I have to contend with, even in December. Everyone seems to enjoy the treats, and I’m always glad to give them! This year will be even more special, too – my mom will be in town to help me with the baking.

Last year, I figured the ladies in my boot camp class, however, may not go for the sweet treats. We are, after all, supposed to be working off such goodness. So, for them I made a cranberry orange relish with just a dash or two of sugar – they loved it! And I felt good giving maple walnut cakethem a ‘healthier’ gift.

If you’re looking for healthy recipes that are filled with flavor but not calories, the culinary team at Travaasa has some you’ll want to take a look at, including White Chocolate Holiday Bark, Mini-Pumpkin Pies and Maple Walnut Cake. My mouth is already watering!


winter walk

Take Care of YOU!

With all of the goodies, holiday parties and nibbles seemingly everywhere we look, it’s important to stay active this season. The Travaasa team has shared some tips to beat the winter blues, and pounds:

  • Take a walk! Get outside for some sunshine, if even for a few minutes. It’s amazing what some fresh air can do!
  • Just say spa! A massage will get the toxins moving, ridding your body of them. And, of course, there’s always the side benefit of absolute relaxation!
  • Filled with gratitude! Remembering what you’re thankful over the holidays helps warm the soul.
  • Catch your ZZZZs! It’s important to get enough sleep so that your body can recharge and refuel for the day to come.

Do you find yourself running into problems over the holidays? Be sure to visit Travaasa’s #HolidayProblems site and check out the myriad tips the experiential resorts have put together to help you through. And while there, register to win a three-night stay that will surely put any of your holiday problems behind you and set you on the right course for 2014!

How do you avoid holiday problems at this time of the year?