I first visited Denver more than 15 years ago, for a work conference. We all know how those go – 18 hours in a hotel conference room with little time to explore the city which you’ve traveled to.

When my team and I broke free of said conference room, we got out into the city to explore, if only a little bit. Through our wanderings, we happened upon The Brown Palace Hotel and I was instantly enamored with the historic hotel. I vowed on that very day that, the next time I was in Denver, I’d stay at the Brown Palace.

Just one of the amazing details at The Brown Palace Hotel

Just one of the amazing details at The Brown Palace Hotel

Fast forward 15+ years and I’m back in Denver for the first time in all those years. And true to my vow, I had reservations for a night at the Brown Palace.

Walking into the grand dame of a hotel, I was beyond thrilled to call it home for the night. My beautifully-appointed room overlooked downtown Denver, and inspired me to get out and explore the city. Fortunately, Denver’s such a walkable city, and the weather was perfect. I spent hours wandering the streets.

But what I really couldn’t wait for was my spa appointment – on the books was a Queen Bee Honey Scrub. Or, as I call it, ‘heaven.’

The Brown Palace Hotel has its own rooftop bee colony that produces honey to be served with afternoon tea, and select spa treatments. Talk about organic!

Another really cool aspect of The Spa at The Brown Palace is that it boasts hydrotherapy treatments featuring natural spring water drawn from the hotel’s own artesian well.

But, back to the scrub – I mean, heaven. My therapist applied a combination of brown sugar and honey to buff my body’s rough patches – wow, did that combo ever work! After a relaxing shower, she then applied a super-hydrating moisturizer that left my body incredibly soft and silky.

Needless to say, after my treatment I floated back up to my room for some more relaxation and dreams of returning to The Brown Palace Hotel, where I truly felt like royalty.