May Fair Fashion Week Cocatails Combined




First things first – I’m no fashion plate. In fact, I couldn’t tell the difference between Armani, Dolce & Gabanna, or Givenchy. That I even know those are designers (with the help of a Google search) is impressive. (NOTE: Not that I wouldn’t want to learn, say, with a dress up day?)

So when I came across an email regarding Fashion Week in London, my first inclination was to delete. And then I saw that the info was cocktail-themed.

I do enjoy a nice cocktail.

In the spirit of London Fashion Week, the mixologists at The May Fair Hotel in London, the “official hotel” for the week, have whipped up six shoe-inspired cocktails. Imagine a delicious cocktail inspired by your favorite, fun and flirty shoe style. Fun!

Seeing as how most of us probably aren’t headed to London for Fashion Week, the May Fair has made the drink recipes available so that we can mix it up at home. And if you are fortunate enough to snag a seat along the runways, the cocktails are available at the May Fair February 13 – 28.


The Peep Toe  The Peep Toe

2 oz Hennessy
1 oz creme de mure
dash lemon juice
dash gomme syrup
Martini glass garnish with cocktail cherry and orange twist on the stir


Mary Jane The Mary Jane

2 dashes Archers Peach Schnapps
1 oz creme de Framboise
1 ½ oz Grey goose
1 oz pomegranate juice
Martini glass garnish with pomegranate wedge and seeds


Red StilettoThe Red Stiletto

½ oz Stoli Raspberry
dash Cherry liqueur
dash raspberry pure
5 oz Duval LeRoy
Champagne glass garnish with raspberry, mint leaves and stir


Strappy Sandal The Strappy Sandal

2 oz Hendricks gin
dash Martini Dry
1 oz Martini Rosso
dash Gran Manier
Martini glass, garnish with lemon twist and stir


The Velvet Mule   The Velvet Mule

1 ½ oz Sailor jerry rum
3 oz ginger beer
3 fresh lime wedges
Fresh ginger
Mojito glass garnish with lime slices and cocktail cherry


The Classic Court The Classic Court

1 ½ oz Bison Grass Vodka
½ oz Manzana apple liqueur
3 oz apple juice
Dash Gomme syrup
Fresh apple crushed
Mojito glass garnish with apple slices and cherry